Solve complex business challenges with Machine Learning (ML) algorithms that transform raw data into decisive insights. Unearth patterns from complex layers of vast amounts of datasets to understand customer behavior, forecast sales, analyze sentiment, improve customer service, predict revenue, and improve productivity across the enterprise. Lucida’s machine learning software and advanced AI capabilities offer optimal business outcomes.

Offer diagnostic, descriptive, predictive, and prescriptive analysis using machine learning

Receive intelligent insights from data mining

Get role-relevant insights from multiple points of view

Build solutions around specific challenges and gain business opportunities

Build highly customized solutions using Lucida’s Machine Learning and AI Capabilities

Predictive Modeling

High-end predictions based on analysis of past and present statistics support decision-making and solve problems with lesser human intervention. Sift through historical data with powerful algorithms that make “micro” calculations on datasets for better binary outputs. Leverage the power of deterministic and probabilistic decision-making inputs through our ML Offerings. Benefit from high speed decision- making that mimics humans.


Perform text analysis of unstructured text—emails, documents, images, and social media to unearth patterns, weigh opposing ideas, and gain evidence for sharper decisions with powerful cognitive machine learning applications. Text mining helps understand customer sentiments and text categorization and summarization improves productivity.

Deep Learning

Recurrent neural networks and convolutional neural networks work to extract patterns from data without human supervision. Statistical transformations work at high speed and with greater accuracy in an unbiased manner for intelligent analysis of input for predictions that match human intelligence. Capitalize on self-teaching technologies that learn from known and new sources.

Computer Vision

The age of internet has led to proliferation of data in the form of images and videos containing valuable information. Visual data can be mined for valuable insights using Computer Vision, Image and Video Analytics. Our success in reducing noise and ability to handle multiple angles and resolution through algorithmic innovation vastly improves the accuracy and efficiency. Our solutions can perform myriad processes like OCR, Object / Face detection, Object / Person tracking, Automated binding and Annotation, Text extraction and Description Generation.

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