Structured and unstructured text formats present an abundant source of rich information. Use the powerful and flexible analytics framework of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for text analysis—understand the nuances of customer sentiment from interactions & feedback while also improving on premise security. Perform text analysis of unstructured text extracted from different sources like emails, documents, images, and social media with Epiphany NLP Text Analysis Software. Based on the findings, enterprises can modify marketing strategy, develop products as per market requirement, measure ROI of marketing campaigns, improve customer service, and engage employees.

Identify customer expectations from sentiment analysis

Ensure data loss prevention with secure threat detection and spam filtering

Improve productivity with text categorization and summarization

Accurately filter information from complex variables of data

Determine deeper context with text analysis

Sentiment Analysis

Gauge sentiments of customers accurately through text mining—inputs from apparently unconnected data sources such as social media, service desk interactions, chat messages, emails. NLP deep learning models and advanced machine translation collect, interpret, analyze, and offer sharp, rich insights that uncover the true sentiments of customers. This enables improved customer interaction and engagement.

Crisis Management

Intent and sentiment offer powerful indications of impending crises. Deconstruct text from various data sources to understand events as they unfold to mitigate and manage crises, through a combination of entity recognition, and deep learning models that correlate events to uncover patterns and pre-empt crisis.

Information Security

Deploy this powerful text analysis software that assesses semantics, syntax, context, and sentiment to understand intent. It filters spam effectively and identifies and plugs vulnerabilities for robust information security. Combine the power of intent detection with predictive analytics to build powerful intuitive firewalls to protect data.

Analyze Emails with NLP

Text analysis of emails is made possible with Epiphany NLP Text Analysis Software. Simulate human ability through advanced NLP techniques that assess linguistics, statistics, and semantics to summarize and categorize text swiftly through automated processes. Benefit from processes that improve productivity without compromising on outcomes.

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