Enterprises often house unstructured datasets in the form of images and videos that have hidden insights of great value. Lucida’s Envisage Image Analysis Platform is backed with a deep learning module and advanced image analytics to extract, analyze and process information from images and videos for desired output. Enterprises can capitalize on multiple applications of this image analysis platform that includes threat detection, annotation, summarization, and tracking of objects. Envisage Image Analysis Platform mines visuals to assist decision-making with triggers and updated information.

Mine and process information from image datasets for analytics

Receive actionable insights from automated sifting of video feeds and images

Summarize information from all images at high speed without additional effort

Harvest rich information from readily available but complex datasets for enhanced efficiency

Mine enormous image and video datasets for enhanced decision-making

Data extraction

Leverage a powerful image analysis tool that reduces human effort and enables semantic queries on data in images and visuals without metadata information. Extract data from unstructured data sets—visuals to retrieve sharp insightful information and improve routine business operations.

Object detection

Detect objects in videos and images with deep learning and AI-powered image analytics that improvises and learns from archived information. Accurately track detected objects by binding and annotation, helping systems track movements and send out event-based triggers to stakeholders. Combine object recognition and detection to gain actionable insights.


Annotate objects in videos and images for analytics and report generation. Leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to detect text content in images and process information in workflows for high-speed and efficient operations. Benefit from cost-effective processes that are error-free.


Graphic processing enables identification and authentication of individuals from facial features from multiple angles through powerful image recognition algorithms. Perform automated assessment of threat levels through detection of intent from emotions and visible markers of sentiment, aggression, reaction, and pre-meditated action of tracked subjects.

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